Wedding bands

Wedding bands

Customising your perfect wedding band is simple.....

Whether its style or budget we offer many options to help you make the correct choice. 

Firstly we use 9ct white , yellow and rose gold,18ct white, yellow and rose gold, palladium and platinum for all our designs.

Or have a variation with our two tone or tri-tone bands.

We then have the choice of three metal weights (light, medium, heavy) which will alter the height of the ring on your finger.

We then choose the overall width of the band starting around 1.5mm to 8mm as standard for all of our designs.

We do offer many different profiles of a wedding ring and again each ring design can be changed to suit your preference.

Lastly its the design... pick any design and we'll apply it to the factors above. 

Pick one of our designs or tweak and change it as you please. add some sparkle with the finest diamonds of any size or quantity, add some dazzling colour with any precious coloured gemstones or simply keep it traditional and plain, add a station, matter polish finish...the choice is simply yours and endless.