Shape to fit service

Shape to fit  service

We specialise in handmade wedding rings to compliment and fit all shapes and styles of a engagement ring.

However unusual your engagement rings, do not worry our bespoke fitting service will be able to fashion a wedding ring to match or compliment it perfectly ,whether it be from our existing designs of bespoke shaped wedding ring, a design from elsewhere or even as simple sketch by yourself, show us the design and we'll advise from there.

We will help you to create your very own bespoke wedding ring designs that will sit perfectly with any engagement ring and personalise the quality of the exchange of the wedding rings in ways that conventional retail jewellery never can. If you are looking for matching bespoke wedding rings for both men and women or even to fit with a bespoke engagement ring – luciano Italian designer and maker is the right choice for you.

This is all done by hand to make it 100% precise unlike other machine casting  techniques used in the jewellery industry which can never produce as good as good as a human eye and hand.

With so many choices and design of our bespoke fitting range of wedding rings and the flexibility to design your own . creating various options you're sure to find your perfect match.